Deftones have debuted a brand new song ‘Rosemary' during a private show on 27th July. Check out the live clip of the song which is scheduled for official release on October 9th.

The latest POD album, Murdered Love was released almost 3 weeks ago on July 10th. You can get it off various sites! Go check it out and show the guys some support!

Alright so I don’t think I’ll be able to blog TOO often over the next few weeks because I’ve just got a new job, I’m literally waking up, going to work, sleeping, dinner then back to sleep. I’ll try my best and bear with me! Sorry guys D:


Robb Flynn (by > seelisch)


Started listening to Korn again recently… Forgot just how good they are!!! 

10 plays Halo SOiL Scars

Nu Metal Song Of The Day

SOiL - Halo


ALIEN ANT FARM Enters Chicago Recording Studio To Begin Work On Fourth Album

fucking yes.